Home Care

At Forest Care we ensure that our clients’ needs come first, we provide our daytime care packages in one hourly blocks between the hours of 7.00 am and 10.00pm. after 10pm we fall into night shifts with blocks of care lasting until morning.

By allocating one hour minimum per visit gives our clients flexibility and an independent choice in what is done and when within their allocated time. Over the years we have listened to people’s view on why they may have been previously unhappy, with comments such as:

  • “There was no set time of arrival”
  • “They just allocated a breakfast, lunch, tea and bedtime slot”
  • “The carers were only there for 30 minutes”
  • “Rushing to get things done” and “having to get ready for bed at 6pm as they were first in line for the bedtime slot”
  • “Carers didn’t come until 11.30 to help get me up then the next carer called at 12.00 to give me lunch”

With Forest Care you choose the exact times you require, we ask for a leeway of around 15 minutes each way in case our carers get held up in traffic or need to extend their previous visit to a client to meet their needs.

Our  service assists you, or your loved one, to stay at home in familiar and relaxed surroundings with one to one support. Our carers can help with personal care, housekeeping and companionship, shopping, domestic support and community access.

Your carer works with you to meet your personal needs and wishes, following an individually designed support plan that is put together by our  assessors and yourself or your chosen representatives. The assessment would include information on meals and eating times, naps and hobbies, medication and care routines to name but a few. As your needs change, our care has the flexibility to evolve with you to continuously support your needs and wishes promoting your independence and wellbeing.

Forest Care staff all have specialist training to match their compassionate, caring natures; it takes a special sort of person to be a carer and we’re proud to have supportive and trusted individuals on our team. Without them Forest Care would not have achieved their OUTSTANDING rating from the Care Quality Commission.